Michael Young Strains Hammy And Strains The Texas Rangers Playoff Hopes

There was some bad news out of Texas yesterday.

According to the Fort Worth-Star Telegram, Texas Rangers 3B Michael Young will be out at least two weeks and possibly more with a strained hamstring. This is a HUGE blow to a Rangers ballclub that is fighting for a playoff spot.

Young's injury hurts the Rangers playoff chances

Young's injury hurts the Rangers playoff chances

Not only are the Rangers going to miss Young’s bat in the lineup, but more importantly they are going to miss his leadership on the field. I have the same feelings towards the Rangers’ lineup as I do the Los Angeles Dodgers’ starting rotation — you can probably plug anyone in there and they would be somewhat successful.

I am confident the Rangers will replace Young’s bat on some level, but it’s hard to replace “the man” on the team in a middle of a pennant race. Young plays everyday, is one of the most professional players in the game, and when he is not out there, it hurts any team that he is on.

The Rangers have been a resilient bunch all season under my pick for AL Manager of the Year Ron Washington. They have been able to survive a down year and injuries to Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler has been hurt at times, and they have had to deal with the growing pains of having such a young starting rotation.

I am not sure the Rangers will surive losing their leader for the stretch run. It might be too much to ask.


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4 Responses to “Michael Young Strains Hammy And Strains The Texas Rangers Playoff Hopes”

  1. fanofbaseball24 Says:

    Yeah, i agree, Young being out is a huge blow, and being unsure about Hamilton at the moment doesn’t help much either…pitching has got to be stout….

    i had an unrelated question for you. i wanted to look at texas rangers’ contracts out and see who all is going to be signed/unsigned at the end of the year (i know young and kinsler will be), i was wondering if you could refer me to a site that has a list of all the team players and the length of their contracts, or if that information isn’t released, why?

    thanks man

    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      Yes, there is a site out there that would give you this information.

      For the most comprehensive and up to date information on player contracts, go to Cot’s Baseball Contracts. They will have everything you need on Texas Rangers player contracts


  2. fanofbaseball24 Says:

    thanks man, that’s exactly what i was looking for…just curious, i notice you write about everyone, but is there a particular team you root for?

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