Brad Lidge Officially Out As Philadelphia Phillies Closer

It was only a matter of time before the Philadelphia Phillies relieved Brad Lidge of his closing duties. Yesterday, it became official. Brad Lidge is out as Phillies closer.

Minutes before last night’s game against the Washington Nationals, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel announced that Lidge will only pitch in “low-stress” situations and Ryan Madson and Brett Myers will share the closer duties until Lidge becomes “right.”

There’s nothing like going into the postseason having no clue who is going to pitch the ninth inning.

The Phillies better figure out who is going to pitch the ninth inning in the playoffs real quick. They have the starting rotation, they clearly have the offense, but if they don’t have the guy to nail the hammer down in the ninth — it could be one and done for the Phillies in the playoffs.

I wrote yesterday, that my guess was Brett Myers would end up closing. If I was Manuel, I would have Myers close and keep Madson in the eighth inning. Madson has been great in the eigth inning and I wouldn’t want to screw around with that.

Will Lidge close again for the Phillies?

“He could close,” Manuel said. “He hasn’t lost nothing. I’m telling you right now, he definitely can still close. I see where he could be our everyday closer again. Yeah, of course.”

Really Charlie? “He hasn’t lost nothing?” I guess Charlie Manuel never heard of the word confidence. Once that goes, you have no shot.

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