New York Mets To Cut Ticket Prices in 2010

The New York Mets have officially announced that they will cut season ticket prices at Citi Field for the 2010 season.

The average ticket price on a full-season basis will drop by more than 10 percent, with reductions in select locations of more than 20 percent. Every season-ticket holder will see a decrease in their invoice next season.

Stop the presses, the Mets have actually made a smart PR move.

Mets Executive VP, Dave Howard gives the reason for the decreased ticket sales…

“The Mets are sensitive to the economic realities facing our fans, and we have lowered our ticket prices in response to these challenging conditions.”

“This move underscores our appreciation of our fans’ ongoing loyalty and support. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and value to our customers at Citi Field in 2010.”

This was a move the Mets had to make and not because of the economy. I feel the economy had little to do with this move, but it’s a great and logical excuse.

Unless I missed something, the economy was in the crapper last year and the Mets had no problems charging fans a premium for tickets.

The reason the Mets had to make this move is because the product they put on the field this year was so disgusting and hideous that they had to make up for it somehow.

You can’t charge a premium for tickets after you put out the product you did the year before. You just can’t. Even the Mets are smart enough to realize this.

Mets fans are angry and embarrassed about this season. And quite frankly they should be. It’s one thing to lose if you are not good enough. I think Mets fans would have accepted that based on the ridiculous amount of injuries they have suffered this year.

What Mets fans and the majority of baseball fans can’t tolerate for that matter, is the poor baserunning, the overall lack of fundamentals, and the clown show that surrounded this team all year.

This move also tells me they aren’t going to make a big splash in the offseason. They might sign a player or two because they have to. But I don’t see them going over the $149 million Opening Day payroll they had in 2009.

The Mets did the right thing by cutting ticket prices in 2010. It just had more to do with the play on the field rather than the economy.


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One Response to “New York Mets To Cut Ticket Prices in 2010”

  1. Justin Kleinfeld Says:

    Well, you just wait and see when Citi Field becomes Nassau Coliseum West – a total mausoleum. Even worse if the Yankees win the WS. How could Mets management reduce payroll after two collapses and this years debacle? Mets fans will finally stay home.

    Honestly, I think the new park will also have a lot to do with this. I feel like Shea Stadium kinda represented the mood of the fans – a dump, but it was home and kinda provided a comfort. We became used to losing there and it made the winning that much better. We crawled back to this beloved space each year.

    Citi Field lacks an identity or familiarity to draw people back in the same what. Combine that with still-costly tickets and a mediocre product and we could be looking at a real disaster from a box office point of view. Unless the Mets do what is necessary to restore faith (i.e. make some shrewd moves, bring in SMART baseball people) then forget about it.

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