New York Yankees Roll, Win Game One

Everything went according to plan for the New York Yankees in Game One of their American League Division series against the Minnesota Twins.

The Yankees got six and two-thirds solid innings from CC Sabathia, they used the long ball to their advantage like they have been all year, and even got Alex Rodriguez to contribute in their 7-2 victory over the Twins.

Believe it or not, the Twins actually had a 2-0 lead in this game heading into the third inning. They got a clutch two-out hit from Michael Cuddyer and then Joe Mauer scored on a passed ball by Jorge Posada to make it 2-0.

I’ll just say this–Posada was awful defensively in this game. Could a catcher look anymore clueless behind the plate than Posada did last night? Jose Molina is so much better than him defensively it’s ridiculous.

Matsui went yard last night

Matsui went yard last night

But after the Twins took that 2-0 lead, the Yankees came right back to tie the game on a Derek Jeter two-run homerun. As soon as Jeter hit that HR, you kind of felt that the Yankees would win this game.

Hideki Matsui broke the game open with a two-run HR in the fifth off of Francisco Liriano and the rest was history. What the heck happened to Liriano? He is the only pitcher I can think of, who has gotten worse after Tommy John surgery.

I think the Twins will be much, much more competitive for the rest of this series. Ron Gardenhire said his club was “gassed” before the start of Game One. It’s usually not a good sign when your manager says that before a game.

The day off today should serve the Twins well. They should finally be able to get some sleep, regroup, and like I said, be much better throughout this series.

Game Two is Friday at 6:07 ET.

One last side note to this game. Major League Baseball really needs to end their relationship with TBS. Their coverage of baseball is awful.

How many times did they show Jay Z and Kate Hudson in this game? It seemed like 100 times. We get it TBS–there are stars in New York. It’s nothing new.

Uma Thurman and Julia Roberts live around the corner from me–big deal.

I want to watch baseball. I don’t want to see Craig Sager in his purple clown suits, I don’t want to see David Aldridge (a basketball guy) doing baseball interviews, and I don’t want to Jay Z and Kate Hudson every five minutes.

I just want to watch baseball.


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One Response to “New York Yankees Roll, Win Game One”

  1. Justin Kleinfeld Says:

    Well said, Adam. For some reason these networks think that celebrities being in the crowd “verifies” the game as being important. These imbeciles are just there to be seen – sitting in seats that real fans would love to occupy. This is why radio – and a person like Vin Scully – is so great. he paints those pictures with his words.

    And someone has to remove Carey from the booth. Another idiot.

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