Detroit Tigers Brandon Inge Has Surgery On Both Knees

According to the Detroit Free Press, Detroit Tigers 3B Brandon Inge had surgery on Tuesday to correct the patellar tendinitis in both of his knees. The surgery was performed by Dr. Stephen Lemos at the Detroit Medical Center.

Inge is expected to be ready by spring training.

Despite with pain that Inge described as “excruciating,” Inge still managed to play in an American League leading 161 games last season. Inge hit .230 with 27 homeruns and 84 RBI in those 161 games for the Tigers last season.

There is nobody who will question Inge’s toughness after last season, but fantasy owners will question which Inge they will get next season. Do they get the Inge who hit .286/21/58/.360 in the first-half or will they get the Inge who hit .186/6/26/.260 in the second-half?

Fantasy owners should probably expect to get someone in the middle with Inge in 2010.

Inge will be 33-years-old in 2010 and it’s pretty clear at this point what you are going to get out of Inge. You are probably going to get a guy with a low batting average (.230-.240), 20-25 homeruns, and an OBP somewhere around .315.

In terms of 3B fantasy rankings in 2010, I would say Inge falls somewhere between the 15 and 20. He makes for a serviceable backup on your fantasy team for next year.

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