Boston Red Sox To Play In Australia in 2010?

Update: What in the name of Grant Balfour is going on here?

According to the Boston Herald, the Red Sox have denied any truth the story that they will be playing in Australia in 2010.

I guess that was a fun story while it lasted.

Original Post

Sometimes professional sports leagues do things I really just don’t understand.

According to the Daily Telegraph in Australia, the Boston Red Sox will play a major league in Australia in 2010. The newspaper sites that talks have been ongoing now for a couple of months between the Red Sox and Sydney officials.

The games would be played at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

I understand that baseball wants to expand their game outside of the United States, which is why we have the World Baseball Classic, but this is ridiculous.

This is like the NFL playing games in London, but worse.

Why do Commissioners feel the need to force their sport on to countries who don’t care. People in London don’t care about football and people in Australia don’t care about baseball.

Will the games sell out in Australia? Sure they will–any novelty will sell out in any country. But the World Cup sold out in the United States and still nobody cares about soccer in America.

This is worse than the NFL playing games in London because of the time travel. To travel 18 or so hours to Australia and then have to deal with a 16 hour ahead time difference is a lot to ask of a baseball team.

It took players from the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, and Red Sox weeks to recover from a trips to Japan in recent years. And in Mike Mussina’s case, it took him a whole year to recover from playing in Japan.

At least when these teams go to Japan, baseball is Japan’s number one sport. The Japanese are extraordinarily passionate about baseball. That’s clearly not the case in Australia.

Let’s just call this what it really is–a way for Major League Baseball to generate revenue from a country that generates very little revenue for Major League Baseball.

No official announcement has been made yet by Major League Baseball and a potential opponent has not been determined.

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4 Responses to “Boston Red Sox To Play In Australia in 2010?”

  1. fanofbaseball24 Says:

    I care alot about soccer in america…i guess i’m in the minority here that have baseball and soccer as my 2 favorite sports…

  2. Jayde Ryan Says:

    Excuse me, I think that you have the wrong impression of Australia. I am ECSTATIC that they have finally decided to show the world some recognition and widen the MLB by putting on a game in Sydney. If you didn’t realize, Australia held the world masters games this year and my local baseball club whom myself my brother and sister all play for was one of two grounds where the matches were held. There is a VAST majority of us eastern Australian’s very very big on baseball. Australia does CARE about baseball and on behalf of all of us we are GLAD that American Major Baseball League is deciding to widen its opportunities and show the rest of Australia what a skilled and intriguing game baseball really is…

  3. Pete Says:

    No one cares about baseball in australia??

    Well I most certainly do., and the Red Sox are my team.

    There is little intrest here in Austraila because there is not a lot of coverage here. There is no stores that you can just walk into and purchues major league shirts, caps and other club gear.

    That is why there is not a lot of interest here. I for one when I hear about this in the newspaper was excited. Just think about it for a minute.
    If the LA Galaxy can come here and sell out an 82,00 seat staduim in the part of the world that is lucky to gat on average 10,000 people to an A-League game, just think what the Red Sox can bring to this country.

    I for one hpe that it is not a rumur and just the truth.

  4. Shannyn Says:

    Another Yank with no concept of what the WHOLE world is like. Mate, baseball is big in Australia, our pro league is starting up again this year and this will be perfect for us. And as a red sox fan (for the last 20 years) I gotta say I’m stoaked that they are coming out.

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