Someone Failed A Phsyical In The Big 4-Team Trade

For those of you who read The Ghost of Moonlight Graham on a regular basis are probably wondering why I have not yet even written a sentence about one of the biggest trades in recent memory.

What is going on today is the reason why.

There have been rumors circulating around the web that one of the players involved in the four-team trade between the Seattle Mariners, Philadelphia Phillies, Toronto Blue Jays, and Oakland A’s has failed his physical.

Larry Stone of Seattle Times, via Twitter, doesn’t believe it’s one of the Mariners’ players involved in the deal who failed their physical.

Will this failed physical ruin this trade? It doesn’t seem like it. But this just teaches us a lesson that a trade isn’t official until it’s made official.

I’ll update this story once it is announced who failed their physical or I will do a complete write up once this trade is finally made official.

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One Response to “Someone Failed A Phsyical In The Big 4-Team Trade”

  1. john Says:

    Trade went through… it was a rumor… no one failed their physical… phillies had a press conference at 4pm to introduce halladay… and the m’s sent out a press release… the trade is pretty much official… selig just has to sign off on the 6mill passing hands. plus failed physical was for one of the minor players… brett wallace i think?? if he did fail the physical… they had a player already in the works replacing the player who failed the physical.

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