Wanting On-Field Changes, Bud Selid Forms Study Group

When someone mentions the term “study group” to me, the first thing I think of is college.

I think of four or five friends getting together to study a subject they have very little interest in and after 15 minutes saying screw this and play Madden.

Hopefully Bud Selig’s “study group” is a little more productive.

The Commissioner of baseball announced today he is formulating a special committee or study group for on-field matters. These on-field matters include the expansion of instant replay, expanding the first-round of the playoffs, scheduling, the pace of the game, and the umpire’s strike zone.

Selig has put together a study group

Here are the members of the committee who will be discussing these matters:

Tony LaRussa: Manager, St. Louis Cardinals

Mike Scioscia: Manager, Los Angeles of Angels of Anaheim

Jim Leyland: Manager, Detroit Tigers

Joe Torre: Manager, Los Angeles Dodgers

Andy MacPhail: President for Baseball Operations, Baltimore Orioles

Mark Shapiro: General Manager, Cleveland Indians

Terry Ryan: Former General Manager, Minnesota Twins

John Schuerholz: President, Atlanta Braves

Paul Beeston: President, Toronto Blue Jays

Dave Montgomery: President, Philadelphia Phillies

Chuck Armstrong: President, Seattle Mariners

Bill DeWitt: Chairman, St. Louis Cardinals

Frank Robinson: Hall of Fame player and currently works in the office of the commissioner.

George Will: Political Communist

I have a couple of thoughts on all of this.

First, I love the idea, and I love the fact that Selig does his best to try to improve the game. I have said it before and I will say it again–Selig always works on improving the game of baseball.

That is one thing you can not fault him on.

I would expect that some changes come out of this meeting. Changes to instant replay and pace of the game seem to be the easiest to implement.

Pace of the game came under question when Jorge Posada seemingly went to the mound on every pitch during the postseason. I always believed that there should be a maximum of two visits per pitcher per game.

That visit includes trips made by the catcher, pitching coach, or manager to the mound. On the third trip by any of the above during a game, the pitcher has to be removed.

If you have to visit a pitcher more than twice in a game, then that pitcher is probably not having a good night.

My other thought on this is why are there no current players in this meeting? Wouldn’t the people who play the game know what changes need to be made?

If I am Selig, I would much rather get input from a Curtis Granderson or a Carlos Pena than George Will. Why on earth is Will involved in this? For some reason this guy has Selig’s ear and I still haven’t figured out why.

When I think of Will, I think of that great Saturday Night Live skit in the 80’s when they did “George Will’s Sports Machine.” Dana Carvey played Will, Corbin Burnsen played Mike Schmidt and Jon Lovitz played Tommy Lasorda.

Will kept asking Schmidt and Lasorda questions they couldn’t answer. Questions like “The precarious balance between infield and outfield suggests a perfect symmetry. For $50, identify the effect of that symmetry.”

It was just classic. That skit makes me laugh every time I see it.

The group will meet for the first time during the Owner’s Meetings next month in Phoenix.

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6 Responses to “Wanting On-Field Changes, Bud Selid Forms Study Group”

  1. Dave Says:

    I don’t see it on the list, but what’s your position on the DH? Are you satisfied with the current half-in/half-out policy? Personally, I’d prefer going all DH to the current system. I don’t think that going back to no DH will ever happen.

    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      I agree that going back to no DH will never happen because the Player’s Union will never allow it.

      I kind of like the fact that one league has it and one doesn’t. It adds something unique to baseball. No other professional sports league has different set of rules for each league within the sport. Some might call it stupid, but I call it unique.

  2. Gary Kreie Says:

    No Bob Costas? Bob has been a student of the game since he was a little boy, and has some very good ideas about how to improve the game of baseball. George Will may like baseball, but he’s no Bob Costas.

  3. Tom Spirakis Says:

    As for the DH? I hate it! I prefer the NL to the AL simply for this reason. I also think it should be all or nothing.

    What if they eliminate the DH rule and add a roster spot to each team? Extra bench player or pitcher might be appealing.

    • Dave Says:

      Eliminating the DH and adding a roster spot wouldn’t sell with the Players’ Union because it would mean eliminating a high salary job (DHs are generally vets with some offensive stats) and adding a low salary job (end of bench or end of bullpen players are either rookies or hangers-on).

      I may have to get more comfortable with the current setup, though I’m hoping whoever replaces Bud Selig will have a different idea. I really don’t see what is lost with the DH other than the conceptual purity of having each batter have to play the field somewhere, but even pinch hitters are held to this standard.

  4. Dave Says:

    Note that there aren’t even many past players in the group. Just Torre, Scioscia, LaRussa and Robinson, who weren’t selected as players, but as managers or execs. Where’s Mike Schmidt or Paul Molitor or Tony Gwynn – smart and respected (all Hall of Famers) veterans of the game?

    Seems like the head of the Player’s Union should also be involved. And who knows, maybe even someone to represent fans. What a concept! Fans!

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