Alex Rodriguez Will Not Need A Second Surgery On His Hip

As if the New York Yankees needed more good news.

According to the Newark Star Ledger, Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez will not need a second surgery on his right hip.

Rodriguez visited his hip specialist on Monday, Dr. Marc Phillippon. Phillippon informed Rodriguez that a second surgery will not be needed and he is free to begin his offseason workouts.

No more surgery for ARod

Rodriguez, who had hip surgery last March, missed the first five weeks of the regular season, but still managed to hit 30 home runs and have a .933 OPS.

This has kind of been a week filled with mixed emotions for Rodriguez. On one hand, I am sure he is happy he won’t have to go under the knife again. On the other hand, he did break up with Kate Hudson this week.

I wonder what Rodriguez is happier about? Not having surgery or breaking up with Hudson? I am going to go with the later.

Speaking of Yankee news, it’s being widely reported that the Yankees are on the verge of signing Nick Johnson to be their DH in 2010. Johnson needs to pass a physical before the signing is official.

With Johnson’s injury history, that physical might not be done until the new year.

I will have a write up on the Johnson signing once it becomes official.

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2 Responses to “Alex Rodriguez Will Not Need A Second Surgery On His Hip”

  1. daveminnj Says:

    what’s so bad about kate hudson?

    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      I find nothing wrong with her, but apparently she was all over ARod like white on rice. He needed “his space”

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