The Rift Between Josh Johnson And The Florida Marlins Grows

Florida Marlins ace Josh Johnson is really not happy these days.

According to a report by, Johnson is “beyond pissed” that the Marlins offered free agent Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman a five-year deal.

Johnson is not a happy camper

“We’re told that Johnson is upset because David Samson and the Marlins front office has always said that they refrain from offering five year contracts to pitchers, and now it has gone public that the team is offering Chapman a five year deal, and they were hesitant to give JJ even a 4 year deal with no team options.”

We’re also told that the Marlins have angered Johnson to the point that he is close to setting a hard-line stance and refusing to accept any offer the Marlins throw at him, and simply waiting two years until he is a free agent.”

If the Marlins’ stance on five-year contracts to pitchers is true, then I have no idea why the Marlins are taking such a hard stance with Johnson. I would think that with a new stadium on the way, the Marlins would want to start locking up their young talent.

Why the Marlins would offer Chapman a five-year deal and not a proven commodity like Johnson is confusing. I personally think Johnson is one of the top-five pitchers in the National League.

My guess this ends like another fire balling righty named Josh ended with the Marlins–with a trade.

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