Chan Ho Park Wants To Get Paid

There have been a lot of bizarre stories in baseball this year, but this one might take the cake.

Chan Ho Park is a free agent this offseason and wants to get paid. But he doesn’t want to get paid by a team first–he wants to get paid by a former teammate.

In a story released by the Associated Press, Park is suing former Los Angeles Dodger teammate Chad Kreuter for failing to fully pay off an unpaid loan.

The suit claims Park loaned Kreuter $460,000 in October 2005 to be repaid a year later with interest. Park alleges Kreuter paid back $290,000 in April 2007 and the unpaid balance has grown, with interest, to $281,869.73 as of Dec. 1.

This is so great on so many levels.

First, according to, Kreuter made over $8 million in his career, so why on earth is he borrowing $460,000 from Park? And why $460,000? Seems like such an odd figure to me.

Second, how can we get this settled on the People’s Court? That would easily be the most watched episode in the long history of the show.

Two ballplayers going at it–one barely speaks English–and the other is a guy from California. Who wouldn’t watch just to hear Park try to defend himself. That would be high comedy.

I will definitely be updating this story once more information comes out.

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