Edwin Encarnacion Needs To Stay Away From Fireworks

2009 had its share of bizarre stories and the trend seems to be continuing in 2010.

As reported by ESPN.com’s Enrique Rojas, Toronto Blue Jays’ 3B Edwin Encarnacion suffered minor facial injuries caused by fireworks during a New Year’s eve celebration in the Dominican Republic.

Encarnacion had an accident on New Year's eve.

Encarnacion suffered first- and second-degree burns in the forehead and the right side of his face when a rocket firecracker hit him in the jaw and exploded near his mouth while celebrating with family in his home of La Romana.

According to Encarnacion, one of his brothers lit a rocket firecracker and instead of flying upwards it moved laterally, hitting Encarnacion.

Boy oh boy. This story just reminds me of an incident that took place when I was around 10 or 11 and the reason why I don’t go near any type of fireworks.

Me and some friends were playing stickball at our elementary school around the July 4th time frame. All I will say is that this kid tried to light off an M-80 in the handball court at the school and the firework exploded in his hand.

I just remember seeing the trail of blood that seemed to stretch a mile long when the kid was running out of the park. That my friends is the reason why I stay as far away as possible from lighting fireworks.

Encarnacion will have to stay out of the sun for the next week, but should be ready to resume baseball related activities in about two weeks.

Encarnacion will go into 2010 as the Blue Jays’ starting third baseman. He hit .240 with eight home runs and a .306 OBP in 42 games with the Blue Jays last season.

On the subject of Toronto, how about a quick hockey note to close out the post (that’s called a segway kids). I would like to take this time to congratulate former UMass Hockey and current Los Angeles Kings’ goalie Jonathan Quick on making the U.S. Olympic Hockey team.

In his final season at UMass, Quick was 19-12-5 with a 2.16 Goals Against Average and led UMass to a Regional Final appearance in the 2007 NCAA Division One Men’s Hockey Championship.

Good luck in the Olympics Jonathan, we will all be rooting for Team USA.

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One Response to “Edwin Encarnacion Needs To Stay Away From Fireworks”

  1. Danilo Vicioso Says:

    Dangerous stuff! Firecrackers are prohibited to the general public in the DR. On New Year’s Day I went with my son, who collects signatures, to his apartment to pick up a signed photo that we had left the day earlier!

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