Ben Sheets Impresses Infront Of Scouts

As I wrote in a post last week, former Milwaukee Brewers’ ace Ben Sheets was going to work out in front of scouts from at least 15 teams on Tuesday at the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Sheets threw well on Tuesday

The results of this workout have been reported and Sheets didn’t disappoint.

According to a report on AOL Fanhouse, Sheets first threw 20 fastballs in the workout, topping out at 91 mph. He then threw another 20 pitches, half of them curveballs. In his third session, Sheets’ fastball topped out at 88 mph and the pitcher looked “gassed,” the report said. Sheets is believed to be seeking a two-year deal.

Even so, the scout said, Sheets “looked good physically and was in good shape” and should be equal to or ahead of other pitchers when spring training opens.

“No red flags,” the scout said. “No restrictions. He threw nice and loose.

“It couldn’t have gone any better.”

“I had a good showing today and I showed them what I got,” Sheets said. “I welcomed them to stay because a big part of being healthy is being able to recover … At this point now, I’m only getting better. Each day, I’m only getting healthier. I’m bouncing back really good.”

I am really not surprised Sheets threw well and appeared healthy. As I wrote in the post last week, there was no way on earth Sheets’ agent (Casey Close) would have let Sheets throw unless they both felt he was ready to go.

Expect Sheets to sign with a team in the next couple of weeks. I am still of the belief that the Chicago Cubs will be that team who eventually signs Sheets.

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