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Andre Dawson To Enter Hall As An Expo

January 27, 2010

When Andre Dawson was elected to the Hall of Fame earlier this month, many wondered which cap he would wear going in? Would it be the Montreal Expos or the Chicago Cubs?

That question was answered today.

According to a report by, the Baseball Hall of Fame has decided that Dawson will enter Cooperstown as a Montreal Expo. On his Hall of Fame plaque, Dawson will be wearing an Expos cap.

Dawson will go into the HOF as an Expo

Dawson will become the second player to enter the Hall wearing an Expos cap. Gary Carter or “Pop up Gary” as my dad used to call him, was the first to enter Cooperstown wearing an Expos hat, when he did so in 2003.

While Dawson was obviously pleased with being elected to the HOF, he clearly is not pleased that he will be wearing an Expos hat. In an interview with WMVP-AM Chicago, Dawson said “I’m disappointed. I can proudly say that because Chicago was my preference.”

So which hat should Dawson being wearing? The Cubs or the Expos? Here are Dawson’s lines with both teams.

Expos: .280 with 225 home runs, 838 RBI, 253 stolen bases, and a .326 OBP in 11 years.

Cubs: .285 with 174 home runs, 587 RBI, 57 stolen bases, and a .327 OBP in six years.

It’s a tough call. Dawson played longer and was more of a five-tool-player with the Expos. However, he did have his MVP year and became a household name with the Cubs.

This whole to-do about which hat a player enters the hall with, is very silly to me. This whole Tom Foolery started when Wade Boggs wanted to enter the HOF as a Tampa Bay Devil Ray.

If that clown wanted to enter the Hall originally as a Boston Red Sox or New York Yankee, like he should have, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. It was rumored that the then Devil Rays were offering Boggs monetary compensation to wear their hat on his HOF plaque.

The HOF changed their policy as to which cap a player would wear thanks to Boggs and some other players (Dave Winfield) in 2001. Boggs is wearing a Red Sox cap on his HOF plaque.

I don’t think things like this were an issue 30-40 years ago because players didn’t change teams as often as they do know. Now with players changing teams every couple of years, I don’t have a problem with the HOF deciding which cap a player should wear.

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Joe Mauer: “I Got This”

September 29, 2009

After catching all 10 innings of the Minnesota Twins’ 3-2 victory over the Detroit Tigers in Game 1 of their doubleheader, Joe Mauer isn’t about take it easy and be a DH in Game 2.

In a surprising move, Mauer will be catching Game 2 of the doubleheader tonight. According to Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mauer’s words to Manager Ron Gardenhire in regards to catching the second game “I got this.”

Mauer is superman for the Twins

Mauer is superman for the Twins

Mauer, quite simply is the Chuck Norris of catching.

I love this. In the biggest series of the season, the best player on either team is going beyond expectations in order to win. There is no price on that level of committment

I said surprising move before because it’s very rare that a catcher will catch both games of a doubleheader. But if anyone knows Mauer, there was no way he was going to “just” DH in this series. He knows he has to be out there on defense too in order for the Twins to win this series from the Tigers.

Now I will fully admit I never saw Johnny Bench play and I only saw Carlton Fisk and Gary Carter at the end of their careers. My dad used to call Carter “pop up Gary” back in 1988 when he sucked it up against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS.

Ivan Rodriguez and Mike Piazza were great, but Mauer is just on another level right now. We should all appreciate what we are witnessing with Mauer.

When it’s all said and done he might be the greatest all-around catcher we have ever seen.

And by the way, if I were the VP of Marketing for the Twins, this would be my slogan for the rest of the season. I would already have 100,000 shirts made up that say “I got this” and I would have already put that on all the homer hankies that should be given out against the Kansas City Royals this weekend.

This is such a no-brainer. Make it happen Twins. Make it happen!!!