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Mike Lowell Has Surgery On His Famous Thumb

December 31, 2009

Has there been a body part on a player more talked about this offseason than Mike Lowell’s thumb?

Lowell was supposed to be part of the trade that would have sent him and $9 million to the Texas Rangers and catcher Max Ramirez to the Boston Red Sox. The trade was really a salary dump by the Red Sox in order to free up money to pursue Adrian Beltre or other free agents.

Lowell had surgery yesterday

As we all know the trade was called off by the Rangers because they found a ligament tear in Lowell’s thumb. Yesterday, Lowell had surgery on that thumb.

According to Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe, Dr. Donald Sheridan performed surgery on Lowell’s thumb and found a 95 percent tear in the radical collateral ligament in that thumb. Lowell will need six-to-eight weeks of recovery time.

Here is what is confusing to me.

Lowell had a 95 percent tear in his thumb, which is obviously pretty significant. The season for the Red Sox ended almost three months ago. Why didn’t Lowell have this surgery as soon as the season ended?

Also, did the Red Sox not think the Rangers’ medical staff wouldn’t notice a 95 percent tear in Lowell’s thumb? I would think even a first year student in med. school would be able to diagnose that.

Now that Lowell has had his surgery, he will remain with the Red Sox when the 2010 season starts. Lowell might be ready by Opening Day, but he has zero trade value now.

When the season starts, my best guess is Lowell will play third against lefties and Casey Kotchman plays first base against righties. Kevin Youkilis will be in the lineup everyday and play third against righties and first against lefties.

Of course, nothing is ever set in stone with the Red Sox as they always look to improve their roster.

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