Brian Roberts Breaks Single Season Record For Doubles By A Switch Hitter

At 60-97, the Baltimore Orioles have had a terrible season. There were many reasons for the Orioles terrible season, but that is for a different post. This post is to talk about something positive that happened last night in the Orioles – Tampa Bay Rays game.

Roberts broke a record last night

Roberts broke a record last night

In the top of the third inning, Orioles 2B Brian Roberts doubled to left centerfield off of Wade Davis. The double was Roberts’ 56th double of the year, which broke the single-season record of doubles by a switch-hitter.

I know it’s not the biggest record in baseball, but it is a record none-the-less. The previous record was 55, set by Lance Berkman back in 2001.

It’s been a typical year for Roberts offensively. He has put up a .287/.358/.460 line with 29 SB’s and has tied a career high for runs with 107. His stolen bases and OPS are down from last year, but not to be a point where the Orioles would be very concerned.

No matter how bad a team is, you can always find something positive to write about them. Kudos to Brian Roberts for breaking this record.

Well deserved for one of the good guys in the game.


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